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City Flutes is a flute ensemble founded and led by Lana Chou Hoyt, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The ensemble has been around since the summer of 2007. City Flutes is rather intimate at 6-8 members. We describe ourselves as a flute ensemble to distinguish ourselves from 15+ members of flute choirs. Flute choirs have great success and popularity in the United States, due to the abundance of flute players in music scenes of every city. Lana Chou Hoyt has found a unique voice and musical outlet in the flute ensemble genre.

City Flutes performs chamber and orchestral works as well as a wide range of musical styles including classical, baroque, romantic, contemporary, and popular works. While the flute transcriptions are growing steadily, Lana Chou Hoyt continues to transcribe moving and meaningful works for City Flutes to add to the repertoire.

Members of City Flutes perform with exceptional musicianship and musicality. Some members make music as their livelihood and some work in other fields including law, web design, art design, health care, and nursing. We are always seeking enthusiastic flute players with strong musical backgrounds to expand our ensemble. City Flutes hopes to ignite a niche community and create interest in the flute ensemble genre.

— Lana Chou Hoyt

City Flutes founder and director


Lana Chou Hoyt